Education and knowledge are highly valued

Supporting transitions for Muslim children: a resource for kaiako | teachers 

"Read, recite, proclaim, right from the beginning of the message of Islam there is a call to knowledge. So learning is something that is really important for Muslims, and we want that for our children.”

- Dr Jane Taylor, Head Teacher, An-Nur Childcare Centre  


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Reflections for kaiako

As you watch this video, think about how you support Muslim children and their families when they transition to school.

As a team
  • Create a safe inclusive space for Muslim whānau to talk about their children’s transitions, values, and aspirations for their tamariki.
  • Ensure communication with Muslim whānau is open, respectful, and effective. 
  • Interact with Muslim tamariki and listen carefully to their thoughts and ideas. 
  • Encourage Muslim whānau to get involved in school life such as with the school board and parent–teacher association.
  • Create learning opportunities, making use of parents as a useful cultural and community resource.


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