He Waka Houkura | Facilitated review session

Building knowledge through facilitated reflection sessions.

Ko koe ki tēnā, ko ahau ki tēnei kīwei o te kete

You at that handle and I at this handle of the basket. We all have a role to play in achieving success 

Hoea te waka! | Design for equity

After participants complete the anonymous equity tool online the data is aggregated into a digital report that contains a collective view about the ‘equity mindset’ of your business.

You have two customised sessions with an experienced facilitator – one for teams and one for leaders. These will help you to unpack the findings and discuss them in a safe and supportive way. The baseline data, and the follow-up discussion, will inform your next steps.

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What's next in the equity suite?

In the professional package of He Waka Houkura, the next step is a full-day development workshop. Learn more about this workshop by following the button below.

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