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Clive Francis

Project Manager


BSc (Hons)

Contact details


P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 910 507

Accreditation Number: ACC 810

Region: Auckland

Clive Francis

Professional profile

From a background of 8 years’ secondary physics and science teaching in the UK, Middle East and in Aotearoa New Zealand, Clive has developed a passion for the use of technologies to support learning. For ten years he was an education technology consultant working alongside principals, technicians and teachers from a wide variety of schools. In this role Clive was instrumental in helping schools with strategic planning to ensure the technologies used were robust and reliable to best support teachers and students. In 2013 Clive enjoyed a shift of focus from the technical side of things to helping teachers to make the most effective use of the technologies themselves by facilitating professional learning for individuals, small groups and staff meetings.

Clive joined CORE in August 2015 and to December 2018 he was a full time member of the Connected Learning Advisory team providing consistent, unbiased advice and guidance to help schools integrate digital technologies for learning. In particular he was responsible for the Advisory's online guides and was instrumental in the development and delivery of the Strategic Thinking Roadmap.

Since 2019 Clive has facilitated the introduction of the revised technology learning area through centrally funded PLD and as a member of the Kia Takatū ā Matihiko team, and has been a writer for TKI's Enabling eLearning website.


Clive has expertise to support teachers and school leaders with many aspects related to learning with digital technologies including leadership and strategic direction; community engagement; teaching and learning; digital citizenship; technologies and infrastructure; and professional learning. Helping schools to make well informed decisions and action plans has led him to being become a trusted advisor and critical friend to many.

Clive has been an accredited facilitator since 2017 and has played a part in developing the digital readiness programme, Kia Takatū. He is skilled in introducing and developing the use of digital technologies to teachers and how to use these effectively across the curriculum including implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum content.

Personal statement

It's amazing how today's technology-rich, Internet-enabled society has affected the way we go about our lives. But I’m acutely aware that teachers don’t go into the profession to become technology experts, but rather to inspire and develop young people. Making it as easy as possible for teachers to do this is what I aim for.