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Nicola Tempero

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)


2001 Reading Recovery Certificate. Christchurch College of Education
1995 Dip.Tch. Dunedin College of Education

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P: 0800 267 300

M: 021 866 571

Accreditation Number: ACC 675

Region: Canterbury

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Nicola Tempero

Professional experience

Nicki’s work ranges across the sector from primary to intermediate and secondary schools. For the last three years Nicki has worked for CORE Education as a facilitator in the Learning with Digital Technologies team delivering professional learning and development. Nicki has worked alongside schools and Communities of Learners to improve outcomes for their learners.

Nicki supports teachers and leaders to develop and extend their practices in innovative ways. Nicki has particular strengths in elearning, creating innovative learning environments, implementing modern learning pedagogies and developing collaborative teaching practice. She is passionate about keeping learners at the centre of thinking and supporting teachers to develop learner agency and to use learner voice to increase engagement and achievement.

Nicki is a highly experienced classroom teacher and leader, having taught all primary year levels. She has been an ICT coordinator, inquiry lead teacher and curriculum lead teacher.


Nicki has expertise in the following areas:

Digital fluency

Successfully supporting schools and learning communities to:

  • increase student engagement and achievement through the use of digital technologies

  • develop personalised learning using digital technologies

  • improve home school communications using digital technologies

  • use the eLearning Planning Framework to self-review e-learning practices and capabilities to identify and target areas for action

  • implement and explore the development and use of coding, robotics and makerspace resources.

Future-focused education

Successfully supported schools and learning communities to:

  • explore future-focused themes, based on current research and practical examples

  • support new teaching practices and pedagogies that reflect future-focused themes such as agency, personalisation, collaboration, digital fluency and inclusiveness

  • creatively and practically support innovative learning practices, which align to vision and values.


Successfully supporting school and learning communities to:

  • develop a shared vision for teaching and learning, involving whānau, communities and learners

  • transform teaching and learning through the development of collaborative teaching practices

  • develop effective systems to support collaboration

  • unpack what authentic collaboration looks like in their context.

Evaluative capability

Successfully supporting schools and learning communities to:

  • identify target students from analysis of achievement data

  • collect and analyse qualitative and quantitative data about students from multiple sources

  • help schools develop an evidence seeking mindset to inform change and develop priorities.

Conference presentations, keynotes, seminars, workshops

  • 2016: uLearn - Coding and Robotics for Juniors, Digital Tools for Knowing your Learner

  • 2015: uLearn - Help I don’t know how to Code, Coding for Juniors

  • 2015: Google Summit -  Gathering Student Voice through Google Forms

Personal statement

I am a passionate and innovative educator. I enjoy working collaboratively co-designing learning with teachers and students to create the best possible experiences and a love of learning.

I believe that great relationships with students, their family, and whānau are the key to helping them to realise their potential and become leaders. It is important for learners to follow their passions, make connections and collaborate.

Developing opportunities through digital literacy opens up the world enabling learners to have agency over what, when and how they learn, ensuring the development of skills for their futures.

Learning is all about fun, challenges, resilience, inclusion, relationships and realising potential.