Susan McDougall

Accredited Facilitator (English-medium)

Susan McDougall


Mauri Ora Certificate – Open Wananga
Bachelor of Arts – University of Auckland
Diploma in Teaching – University of Auckland, Auckland College of Education

Professional experience

For the last eight years Susan has worked as a facilitator in the mathematics and statistics area, delivering professional learning and development (PLD) throughout the greater Auckland area. Much of her work has concentrated on collaboratively designing, delivering and evaluating tailored professional development that builds the capacity of teachers and school leaders to improve practice and enhance student outcomes.

It has also included leading and supporting various mathematics leadership communities and accelerated learning networks within and across schools for eight years. This consisted of supporting over 35 schools across the Franklin-Papakura district in providing accelerated learning programmes in mathematics for their students.

She has provided professional learning services for individual schools on a consultancy basis.


Susan has expertise in the following areas:


Successfully supporting schools and mathematics leadership communities to:

  • develop and teach problem solving skills
  • increase student engagement and achievement through the use of discourse within problem solving
  • upskill teacher pedagogical content knowledge through focused in-class support and workshops
  • design and implement accelerated learning programmes in mathematics.
Leadership development

Successfully supporting schools and mathematics learning communities to:

  • promote and support ongoing collaboration between staff to make the planning process effective and purposeful
  • coach and mentor school leadership teams to plan for and effect change
  • trial innovative ways to engage and consult with families/whānau.
Data analysis

Successfully supporting schools and leadership communities to:

  • gather valid and reliable data
  • examine and explore data as a crucial part of evidence and develop an inquiry habit of mind when asking questions of data
  • evaluate, review and collaboratively plan future goals using all types of data as evidence.
Change leadership

Successfully supporting schools to:

  • explore current policies and research to support re-design of school documents
  • evaluate pedagogy and practices to ensure they reflect future-focused education practices, driven by Teaching as Inquiry.
Accelerated learning in mathematics

Experience in:

  • curriculum development and review, closely aligning assessment to teaching and learning.
  • mentoring, coaching and facilitating teachers and leaders in designing and delivering successful interventions and designing curriculum achievement plans
  • implementing innovative learning and teaching practices using Teaching as Inquiry as a platform for change.

Recent conference and workshop presentations

2012–2016 Workshop presenter: Te Toi Tupu mathematics symposia
2013 and 2015 Workshop presenter: New Zealand Association of Mathematics Teachers (NZAMT) conference

Personal statement

I strongly believe that we can all experience success in our learning when high but realistic expectations are modelled and visible. Underpinning this belief are strong, respectful and professional relationships that value and recognise every participant’s contributions to the success of the group.

Ehara taku toa, te toa takitahi
Engari he toa takitini

Success comes from the efforts of many