Cultural capability for educators

Developing culturally responsive practices and giving mana to Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Why cultural capability?

Building successful relationships with learners is founded on understanding where they come from, and what is important to them. This is being culturally responsive. Being a culturally responsive practitioner relies on building, strengthening, and growing your cultural capabilities.

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Improve knowledge, understanding and pronunciation of te reo Māori

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At CORE we have dedicated professionals able to work with you on exploring and applying what it means to be culturally responsive in your pedagogy and daily practices.

Building cultural capability might mean supporting you to:

  • improve te reo Māori competency
  • grow your understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi and New Zealand histories
  • build and strengthen relationships with whānau, mana whenua and your community
  • learn about the significance of local landmarks
  • understand how learners are culturally located
  • implement systemic cultural change.

More cultural capability resources

Whatever is important to you in your learning spaces, we can support your cultural capability journey. Support could include PLD within or across your learning community, online or face-to-face facilitation, coaching and mentoring, or design of customised learning solutions.

Within the education sector, cultural capability is one of the national priorities that underpin regionally-allocated PLD. 

Support directly to your organisation is also available – CORE has worked with a number of government and corporate organisations on their te reo Māori and cultural capability journey.

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Enquire about cultural capability for educators

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