Assessment for Learning, Aromatawai

Assessment for Learning - a quality approach

Assessment for Learning (AfL) fosters collaborative understanding between teachers, learners, and whānau. The key goal? Improving learning outcomes.

AfL utilises diverse assessment methods to identify strengths and areas for growth. This tailored approach enables personalised programmes that address individual needs. Learners are empowered to design, lead, and celebrate their own learning journeys.

High-quality assessment practices

Our approach encompasses:

  • Varied assessment tools and processes
  • Informal interactions to standardised assessments
  • Meticulous data analysis for continuous improvement
  • Contributing insights for summative assessments

A team experienced in Assessment for Learning

Our team supports implementing robust AfL practices across all school levels – English, bilingual, and Māori medium settings. Let us partner with you to create an AfL programme that suits your setting.


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Assessment for Learning resources

The resource below outlines some of the key elements of quality AfL programmes, and how they contribute to ākonga success.

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