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Assessment for Learning (AfL) in Aotearoa schools has an objective to develop a collaborative learning environment between teachers and students, aimed at improving learning outcomes. The assessment criteria develops a tailored teaching and learning programme that identify strengths of individual ākonga, and address learning needs. This collaborative approach empowers ākonga to plan and manage their learning effectively, providing milestones to learning. It encompasses various assessment methods, from daily interactions to detailed analyses, focusing on using gathered information for continuous improvement. 

Our professional learning team comes alongside kaiako to implement assessment for learning; and build an environment that enhances student learning and teacher effectiveness through an ongoing, interactive process. In Aotearoa classrooms, assessment is designed to be meaningful and student-centred, incorporating teaching as inquiry, principles of assessment for learning, and digital technologies for assessment and learning.


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Download this kaiako learning resource that supports a visual understanding of the steps towards ākonga success.

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