Falelalanga: Cultural Connection through Weaving

How can weaving connect Samoan people to their cultural heritage?

Join Tutuila Lio Va’auli, Pacific Strategic Lead at Tātai Aho Rau, and Penina Ifopo, director of Falelalaga Cultural and Education Centre, as they talanoa about the Falelalanga kaupapa of connecting spiritually, holistically, and educationally to Samoan culture through weaving.

Tutuila and Penina explore a wide range of topics within this podcast, such as Penina’s richness of experiences from her upbringing in the village of Musumusu, Samoa, the journey of New Zealand born Samoans in blending their cultures and identities, and how Falelalanga creates a safe space for all to connect with their Samoan heritage.

Penia also speaks about how we can deliver Falelalanga in Aotearoa and how educators can use the ideas of Falelalanga in the classroom, including educators being more responsive and understanding of the culture of their ākonga, and the exciting future of Falelalanga.